How to Host a Clinic


  1. Set a date for your clinic.  Your facility will need to be able to host the clinic for 3 consecutive days. 
    • If you are a Christian Camp, and will be housing and feeding the participants, you will recieve 50% of each participant’s fee ($200).  The total fee for each person is $400.
    • Make sure you have an arena, 6 to 8 usable horses, and an area to trail ride.
  2. Contact CCHI and contract with us.
  3. Advertise.  Please ADVERTISE EARLY!  You may have up to 12 participants.  Only 6 participants will ride at a time.  The others will evaluate and then switch.
  4. Each clinic is directed by 2 clinicians.  You will need to pay them.  One must be a full clinician, that fee is $400.  One may be an assistant clinician (or clinician in training) and will have to fee.  If an assistant is not available, you will need to pay the fees for 2 full clinicians.  In addition, travel expenses to and from the clinic (including meals while traveling) are the host facility’s responsibility.
  5. CCHI will send an electronic folder to the P.O.C. of your facility.  This folder should be sent out to the participants.  It contains study material and an overview of what to expect at the clinic.
    • $200 deposit (NON-refundable)
  6. The following forms are available on the “Forms, Applications, and Handouts Page” of this site.  You will need to collect these from each participant 60 days prior to the clinic date:
  7. The remaining $200 per participant is due 30 days prior to the clinic.  That amount is also NON-refundable due to the cost of airfares and clinician fees.
  8. Arrange to have a liason available to help the clinicians arrive, tour the facility, and be introduced to the horses.
  9. The clinicians do the rest!

We strive to conduct all clinics in a professional manner.  We have a rigorous schedule during the clinic.  Our clinicians manage the task of scheduling the requirements of the clinic.  Each clinician will make every effort to direct a timely and efficient clinic that has the least possible impact on the routine schedule at your facility.

We look forward to working with you.  If you have any questions, please contact us